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M. G. Ramachandran (Character Name : Mohan)
M. N. Nambiar
M. R. Swaminathan
T. S. Balaiah
'Pulimoottai' Ramaswami
K. Malathi
Thavamani Devi
M. M. A. Chinnappa Thevar.

Story View

Around 1946 Jupiter Somu asked A. S. A. Sami to develop a screenplay which he could direct himself. Sami worked on a folklore story into which he wove many elements of popular appeal...Arabian Nights… The Invisible Man… other folk tales of our own land, he wove them all into a screen story. When Somu had made it clear to Sami that as he was raw and untried talent as a director, he would have to work only with artistes on Jupiter's monthly roles and not the big names with high price tags. But, much to Sami's surprise the Jupiter boss came out with other ideas after he had read the screenplay. He felt it was too good to be made with small fry studio staff artistes. For the hero and heroine he suggested P. U. Chinnappa and T. R. Rajakumari, big names of the day. In fact, Somu gave the name of that actress for the title of the proposed film 'Rajakumari'!
After some effort Sami persuaded his boss to let him make the picture as decided earlier with small artistes. To play the title role Malathi was chosen. An import from the Telugu screen pretty Malathi was a Vauhini product who had made her name in B. N. Reddi's classic 'Sumangali'. A protegee of K. V. Reddi, she had acted in Jupiter's 'Sri Murugan' as Parvathi with MGR as Shiva.

Who would play the hero? One man, on the studio rolls appeared to a possible choice. He had good physique, and handsome, athletic in movement. His classical dance number in 'Sri Murugan' had impressed many especially Sami. After much hesitation he was fixed to play the lead. The actor was M. G. Ramachandran, a great moment, not only in his life but also Indian Film History.

The producer had planned 'Rajakumari' as an 11,000- feet picture, and after about 7000 feet were shot, nobody was impressed. To Sami's shock, S. K. Mohideen suggested seriously to his partner Somu, that the picture be abandoned! Somu was caught in a dilemma. If the picture were abandoned the future of Sami and MGR would be ruined. Only another 4000 feet were to be made and if the final product was still bad it could be burnt once and for all. Jupiter Somu, an enterprising man, gave his okay to Sami to go ahead who had a couple of interesting, amusing experiences in the making of this picture.

One was with Thavamani Devi who had a dress (designed by her!) so lowed in front that it caused ripples on the set!
The Sri Lankan charmer Thavamani Devi was cast as the vamp and to play a villain, another new man was brought in, an athletic gymnast and milk-vendor who would in later years create history in Indian cinema as one of the most successful producers of the country, M. M. A. Chinnappa Thevar, a legend in Indian Cinema.
Nambiar, Balaiah, and Swaminathan, and 'Pulimoottai' Ramaswami gave good support.
'Rajakumari' was released in 1947 and much to the surprise of Mohideen turned to be a big success! Cheaply made the profits were huge. Sami made a mark, and MGR was atlast a movie hero. The beginning of an astonishingly, amazing career of incredible success, a life of grand achievement that would be discussed for years to come.

The Film Ran For 168 days

M.G.Ramachandran-The Unforgettable Person

In 1965, I joined the Independent Newspapers Ltd, as a freelance Reporter. The Newspaper office was located at Mihindu Mawatha, Colombo, and they published, Dawasa - the Sinhala morning Daily, Sun – the English morning daily, Weekend and Radha - a Tamil weekly. The Tamil weekly was edited by Nathan, who was earlier the Editor of the Tamil newspaper Thinakaran, published by the Lake House.
In 1966, I was promoted as a Staff Reporter and in the same year the Company launched Dinapathy - the Tamil morning daily and Chinthamani - the weekly. S.T.Sivanayakam, who was at the time the Associate Editor of Virakesari was made the Chief Editor of Dinapathy, and K.K.Ratnasingham, the present Editor of Sudar Oli was the News Editor and Raja Ariaratnam, former Editor of Eelakesari, became the Editor of Chinthamani.
In 1966, the newspaper company invited the South Indian matinee idol M.G.Ramachandran to Colombo. B.Sarojadevi who acted as heroin with him in many Tamil films, was also in his delegation that visited Colombo. The tour program of M.G.Ramachandran was arranged by our company and I was included on behalf of the newspaper group to accompany them in their visits.When I met M.G.Ramachandran for the first time in Colombo, I found him to be a very friendly person and I had the opportunity to be with him for more than 10 days, during the period he stayed in Colombo. He was taken to Jaffna, Batticaloa, Kandy and Nuwera Eliya. In Kandy, he told me that he was born in a Tea-estate in Kandy and he was very much excited by being in Kandy, his place of birth. He was named as Marudur Gopalan Ramachandran, a Malayalee by birth and was born on 17 January 1917, at Kandy. After the demise of Gopal Menon, his farther, he along with his elder brother Chakrapani and mother Satyabama, left Ceylon to Kumbakonam in South India. The widowed mother was unable to provide education either to his brother Chakrapani or to him. Ramachandran joined the Madurai Original Boys Drama company owned Kanadasamy Pillai. His first film debut was in 1935, a minor role in ‘Sathi Leelavathi.’ In 1945, he had his break and acted as the hero in the film ‘Rajakumari.’ This is how his life in the celluloid world began. When he visited Ceylon, he was one of the top leaders of the Dravida Munnetra Kalagam (DMK).
When he left for Madras, he told me that, if I ever come to Madras, I should visit him. I never took that invitation seriously. I took that as the conventional parting courtesy words. Meanwhile, I learnt that there was an attempt on his life on 12 January 1967. He was shot by a fellow actor M.R.Radha and he suffered a bullet injury in his neck and was hospitalized. His picture with a bandage in the neck happened to be the biggest vote catcher in the 1967 elections for the DMK. He too got elected from the St.Thomas Mount constituency, by a big margin, from his hospital bed. In 1968, I toured with the Ceylon Cricket team (the name Sri Lanka came into existence after May 1972) to Madras, to play in the three day Gopalan Trophy match with the Tamil Nadu Cricket team. The team’s tour program started with a three day match with an Indian invitation team in Trichirapalli. While the match was on, suddenly there was some disturbances and I saw the spectatotors going towards one direction.I asked the Hari Baskar a high ranking IAS officer, who was seated next to our press box, the reason for the sudden distraction in the midst of the spectators. He told me that, M.G. Ramachandran has come to see the match for sometime and his fans are flocking him. That time, I remembered his invitation and told Hari Baskar about it. He advised me to send a note through his driver and I did accordingly. May be after thirty minutes, I saw a crowd moving towards the press box. In the midst of that crowd was M.G.Ramachandran, the unforgettable character. He came and hugged me and inquired about me. I told him that I came to India yesterday morning and would be in Madras after another three day match in Salem.In the evening after the close of play for the day, he came over to the hotel I was staying and I introduced him to our players and to the manager. He invited us for dinner, but we were unable to accept his kind invitation, as our program was already fixed by the Cricket board of Control. When we went to Madras, we were put up at the Victoria Hotel, Egmore. Here M.G.Ramachandran came and met us and invited all of us for a dinner at his Ramawaram Garden house. We all went and had a fine dinner. It was a memorable one for all of us. “M.G.R.” - he was popularly called and adored by millions all over, was the man of words and deed and I can’t forget about this gem of a person, with whom I happened to be in touch since for a very long time.

M.G.R the man of words and deed--K.T.Rajasingham

Article by :asiantribune website

Experience with M G Ramachandran

One day, our late chief minister M G Ramachandran called me over and asked me to sing the song 'Vizhiye Kadhai Ezhudhu'. I was elated and thrilled. My happiness doubled when the song became a hit.
MGR is a mahaan. I came to know about him at a later stage. He not only gave importance to music but more to the art itself. His character was such that he turned even his foes into friends. For example, at a time when he had difference of opinion with Kannadasan politically, he was not satisfied with the lyrics for a particular song. Finally, he himself suggested that Kannadasan be called to write the lyrics. Others around him were hesitant but MGR was firm. He told them that Kannadasan had no equal and asked them to approach him for the lyrics. Kannadasan also obliged and the song was 'Odum Megangale' for the film 'Aayirathil Oruvan'. Enmity vanished... and art gained importance.

Their first project was titled ‘Vidivelli’,

MGR, along with his brother M.G. Chakrapani set up a company called ‘MGR Productions’. Their first project was titled ‘vidivelli’, to be scripted by M. Karunanidhi. However due to various reasons of Karunanidhi’s imprisonment for participating in the Kallakkudi protest, the project had to be shelved. “MGR Productions’ was soon wound up and MGR and his brother M.G.Chakrapani Started ‘MGR Naadaga Mandram’ and took to producing and acting in stage plays.

When MGR heard this, he became so emotional

It is a well known fact that MGR was born in Kandy for an Indian immigrant couple in 1917. Aroordhas had visited Kandy nearly six decades later, when the shooting for Pilot Premnath movie starring Sivaji Ganesan took place in Kandy.

“When the shooting for ‘Pilot Premnath’ movie took place in Kandy, I grapped a handful of soil from that city and filled it in a plastic vial. After returning to Chennai, I met MGR.‘Elder, I’m offering you a gift now, which othes might not have given it for you until now.”‘Is that so? May I know what is it?’‘Will you open your palm?’[MGR] offered his palm.I placed that particular plastic vial in his sandal wood-colored palm.‘What’s this? Soil?’‘Yes of course. This is your birth soil. I collected this from Kandy, and brought it especially for you’, I explained. When MGR heard this, he became so emotional and touched both his eyes with that vial.He opened the lid of the vial. Like picking the holy ash (viboothi), he pinched a little of the soil by his thumb and index finger, and placed it in his mouth. Then he applied a little soil onto his head as well.I saw both his eyes were welled [with tears]. Like a child, he asked me, ‘Can I keep this vial?’I replied, ‘Elder, what are you talking? I brought this especially for you.’‘Thank you. I’ll keep this gift forever with care.’ he said and grapped my hands.”

Article From : Tamil Nation website